GROUND: March 17 2018

The Hague

Opening with Afghan performance artist: Kubra KhademiMicah White (US: co-creater Occupy Wall Street movement) – Vincent Van Gerven Oei (Albania: artist, philologist) – Jonathan Meese (DICTATORSHIP OF ART) – Tinkebell  (artist) – The Center for Political Beauty (DL, “aggressive humanism”: art will “hurt, provoke, and rise in revolt”) – Pocha Nostra (Mexico/US, performance EX-Machina 3.0: A psychomagic ritual against violence) –  Bas Kosters (fashion, performance) – Armando Lulaj (Albania: writer, film author, producer of conflict images) – Topp & Dubio (performance) – Marie Civikov & Voin de Voin (Bulgaria, performance: Revolution will not die with us) –  Digital Marrakech (Morocco) – Theatre of Wrong DecisionsMaarten Doorman (philosopher, Engagement in de kunst: De Navel van Daphne) – Anna Mikhailova (opera)  – TORUS (music) – many others