Born in 1980 in Tirana, Albania, Armando Lulaj is a writer of plays, texts on risk territory, film author, and producer of conflict images. He has no desire to subject to the context of local belonging—rather,  he is orientated toward accentuating the border between economical power, fictional democracy and social disparity in a global context. In 2003 he founded in Tirana the DebatikCenter of Contemporary Art. DebatikCenter is an art centre that analyses the recent changes in contemporary society. Among others he has exhibited in: the Prague Biennial (2003; 2007), the Tirana Biennial (2005), the 4th Gothenburg Biennale (2007), the Venice Biennale (2007); the 6th Berlin Biennial (2010), the 63rd Berlinale International Film Festival (2013) and the 56 Venice Biennale – Albanian Pavilion (2015).