Changing realities on the ground in recent years have augmented interest in Digital cinema among new, emerging and established artists in the MENA region and The Arab world. Mixed media formats including, digital film and video, video installation, digital mapping, net art, Cinema nouveau and other hybrid forms, have become important communication, expression and social innovation tools.

Using various mediums and mixed media strategies, new and emerging media artists are exploring paths of subjective expression within a newly found and fragile freedom. With many challenges in their societies ahead, young Arab and North African artists are playing more of a role in changing their social realities through mixed media creation. Digital cinema, mixed media arts and social media tools are becoming increasingly important forms of expression. Understanding the important role that mixed media creation can play, Arab Media Lab has initiated projects that we believe can encourage artistic creation and freedom of expression.

The organization : Arabe media lab project, decided to take a qualitative and quantitative step toward the new realities in our region by launching a new projects such Digital Marrakech festival, and MAM-Media art Morocco workshops and master classes series, which aim to direct public interest towards audio-visual representations and contemporary Arabic visual art creation, which is undergoing a complete renovation and development and as a new social innovation tools. Our vision and belief is that the encouragement of artistic activities within our region will open the doors to a wide range of experimentation and rich artistic events throughout the year, which, therefore will contribute to the general development personal transformation and social change .tion and social change.