The Revolution will not die with Us, A series of performances by Voin de Voin and Marie Civikov, based on parallels in their family history.
N.B. Each part/chapter of this series is a piece on its own and will be performed once.
Traveling with this series throughout Europe (first two editions took part in Ruse and Sofia (BG), third one in The Hague and a fourth is scheduled in Berlin), to most viewers it wont be possible to see all of them and we’ll make sure it’s not needed to for being able to follow and make something out of it as a spectator.
Short description of the first and second part: Voin de Voin and Marie Civikov unite forces. Both have a past in and connection with Bulgaria. Voin de Voin was born and raised in Bulgaria where also part of Civikov’s family history lies, born and raised with a Bulgarian father in the Netherlands. Realizing their ancestors were figures with revolutionary ideas and activists in the same decade, a short hundred years ago in different parts of Bulgaria, in their series of performances they explore common ideas of those who stood up against “evil”, or in particular, against fascism a century ago.

Andrew Fremont-Smith will be broadcasting live a radio emission as part of peformance package incorporating the Voice of the Revolution in trasnmission. Andrew Fremont -Smth born in NYC, (masters DasArts-Amsterdam) is anartist and theorist. Working in time based media he has produced radio series combining social and political analysis with experimental sound art work, post-dramatic performance and theater, and workshops in Lacanian psychoanalytic approaches to social discourse. Radio work has been distributed on Pacifica Radio network and various stations in Europe. Performances in NYC, Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, Ghent, Macedonia, Frankfurt. Lacanian workshops 2017 in Leicester, UK, NYC,Sofia, Bulgaria.

Photo: Kalin Serapionov